Yvonne Nkatha

Founder - Gambino Bottling

Yvonne Nkatha

Yvonne Nkatha is a co-founder and managing director at Gambino Bottling Limited (GBL).

When the house chore to boil drinking water for the family’s consumption became a burden, she and her childhood friend saw the need to find a more efficient way to provide clean, safe and affordable drinking water solutions for their families and later the community. This led to the inception of Gambino Bottling Limited.

As the Managing Director of GBL, Yvonne is responsible for running all facets of the business. Since the company’s establishment over a decade ago, Yvonne has led the business to achieve year on year growth through innovative products and services in an already overcrowded market, creating a niche for GBL and picking up thousands of loyal customers, both corporate and individual, along the way. In addition to purifying and distributing drinking water, GBL recently introduced and launched the first Mobile Water dispensing unit in East Africa. Yvonne believes in integrity, innovation, hard work and working well with others. Leveraging her powerful intuitive gifts, strategic abilities and refined people skills, she specializes in the energetics of leadership, mindset, and genius activation, mentoring many upcoming entrepreneurs.

She also is an advocate of wellness, and firmly believes that wellness of the body, mind and soul is necessary for a balanced life. When not hydrating the masses, Yvonne loves spending time with her family, going hiking, dancing and has a penchant for eating avocados with almost everything.