Want to relive the best of Fearless 2023? We will be making all the sessions from the 2023 Fearless Summit available and absolutely free to all. Catch all the plenary sessions here.

Follow the King || Pst. Muriithi Wanjau

Fearless Summit lead visionary Pst. Muriithi Wanjau got the 2023 Fearless Summit underway with a message titled ‘Follow the King’. In it, he breaks down what the Kingdom of God is, and explains why discipleship is core to the cause of the kingdom for both church and marketplace leaders.

From Mega-church to Movement || NUEL MANUFOR

Pastor Manufor speaks on the critical need for churches and Christians to shift away from the comfort of megachurches and into the transformational thinking of movement. He shares his journey, and speaks of the challenges, wins, and lessons every kingdom leader, both in the church and the marketplace, regarding movement.

Why Following is Essential || APOSTLE MOSES MUKISA

Apostle Mukisa talks about why learning to faithfully follow others is especially critical to success and to discipleship. He highlights three important areas where each Christian must follow their discipler – follow their teachings, follow their way of life and follow their purpose.

Movement Infrastructure || APOSTLE MOSES MUKISA

Having planted almost 100 churches, Apostle Mukisa understands what it takes to create the infrastructure that sustains movements. Appreciating that churches that do not invest in infrastructure will eventually close down, he challenges church and marketplace leaders to take up the cardinal responsibility of establishing the foundations and sub-structures that will see kingdom success.


Is it possible to be a kingdom champion in the marketplace? Can one serve in business and pursue the kingdom agenda? Muriithi Wanjau is joined on this interview panel by three accomplished marketplace leaders, each of whom shares their journey of not only discipling in the marketplace, but also planting a church.

Discipling The Workplace || JULIAN KYULA

Julian Kyula is an accomplished entrepreneur with businesses holdings globally (Kyula Capital International, EDOMx (Delaware) and Beulah City Ltd.). He is also an apostle in the marketplace who serves as a pastor. Passionate about raising kingdom champions in the marketplace, he shares seven qualities every marketplace leader must embrace if they are willing to be used by God.


Julius Kabugo is the founder of Msingi Foods Ltd, and serves as the chairman of HMC (Harvest Multipurpose Co-operative), a savings organization that has grown from UGX 500 Million and 200 Members in 2021 to over UGX 8 Billion and 2,000 Members in 2023. He is also a location pastor at Worship Harvest Ministries, overseeing eight church locations.
He sits with Pst. Muriithi Wanjau to discuss what economic structures movements are to put in place if they are to succeed.


Pst. David Kuria is joined on this panel by three incredible marketplace leaders to discuss digital media trends, and how church and marketplace leaders can leverage their owned media to amplify the kingdom agenda. The panel includes:
- David Kuria – Head of Communications, Mavuno Church
- Grace Murugi – Digital Media Strategist, OXFAM
- Muchiri Nyagah – Executive Director, Local Development Research Institute
- Joanne Kuria – Human Rights & Communications Specialist

Youth Powered Movement || APOSTLE MOSES KALANZI

In this conversation with Pst. Muriithi Wanjau, Apostle Kalanzi talks about how he grew this powerful youth movement, and how revival will not happen without transfer of mantles from one generation to the next.

Who is This King || LYRIC VIDEO

Born in a manger, the long awaited one
Redeemer of a lost world
Hailed as King but flogged to death!


The 13th edition of the Fearless Summit went down on the 7-9th July 2022.
For the first time ever, we are making all the summit sessions available and absolutely free to all. Catch all the plenary sessions here.

Starting a Kingdom Movement || Muriithi Wanjau

The Fearless Summit Opening Plenary was titled Starting a Global Movement and was facilitated by Founder and Lead Visionary of Fearless Summit, Pastor Muriithi Wanjau. The session emphasised that as per Jesus' last instruction to humanity, it is time for us to arise and take up our God-given duty by spurring Kingdom movements that will change the world and spread the message of Christ.

Infusing a Kingdom Agenda in the Humanist Movement || Jaki Mbogo

Day 3 plenary session of Fearless Summit 2022 featured Jaki Mbogo, the Chief of Party of REINVENT -UKAID Peace and Security Programme.

Understanding the African Christian Movement || Dr. Kyama Mugambi

Day 3 of Fearless Summit 2022, kicked off with Dr. Kyama Mugambi who led us in, Understanding the African Christian Movement. In an informative discussion with Pastor Muriithi Wanjau, Dr. Kyama delved into the contributions of early African Christianity to the Church and world.

Economic and Political Models in the Islamic Movement || Dr. Wahome Ngare

Day 2 of the Fearless Summit 2022 featured a session on ``How Christians can Drive the Kingdom Agenda in Mainstream Society`` by Dr. Wahome Ngare. Dr. Wahome illustrated how the Christian community invests heavily in her spiritual well-being but doesn't adequately invest in the economy, politics or society.

Passion & Structures of a Global Movement || Apostle Moses Mukisa

Day 1 Plenary 2 session at Fearless Summit 2022 was on Passion and Structures of a Global Movement, facilitated by Apostle Moses Mukisa, Lead Pastor of Worship Harvest. He described how to develop global visions for the Kingdom movements we are called to set up.

Media and the Gay Rights Movement || David Kuria

Day 2 of Fearless Summit 2022 held a captivating session titled 'Media and the Gay Rights Movement’ by David Kuria, Communications Strategist and Founder of A THOUSAND WATTS.

Starting a Kingdom Movement || Muriithi Wanjau

The Fearless Summit Opening Plenary was titled Starting a Global Movement and was facilitated by Founder and Lead Visionary of Fearless Summit, Pastor Muriithi Wanjau.

2022 Fearless Cypher

The 2022 Fearless Summit kicked off with a phenomenal cypher featuring the incredible talents of six rappers representing five different African nations. Hosted by the award-winning singer-songwriter-producer Rigga, it featured Kingdom Child (Malawi), Nasara (Kenya), Wake (Uganda), Kemi (Ethiopia), Geo (Zambia) and Bupe (Kenya-South Africa).

Fearless Through The Years (2009 - 2022)

The Fearless Summit started in 2009 as a unique annual gathering of church and marketplace leaders, ready to bring much needed Godly change to society.
  • 1
    Chapter Fifteen

    2024 marks the 15th edition of the annual Fearless Summit

  • 2
    Nineteen Years

    Mavuno Church, the Summit host and convener, celebrates it's 19th anniversary in 2024.

  • 3
    Let's Spread Hope

    All proceeds from the 2023 Fearless Summit go towards caring for the most vulnerable amongst us during this global pandemic.


The Fearless Summit is hosted and convened by Mavuno Church, a non-denominational church whose headquarters is in Nairobi, Kenya. Their mission is turning ordinary people into fearless influencers of society.