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Fearless Summit 2018 – “BEYOND – It’s not about you”

We are in cultures that propagate the theme, “it is all about you!”, follow your passion, be all that you can be, dance to the beat of your own drum as you find yourself. All you need is believe what you want, and you will become what you want. Yet, this is one of the greatest enemies of transformation in our societies.

With too much focus on self we lose the meaning and understanding of why God created us and what our divine purpose is. Selfish people don´t serve others, they don´t give, they don´t think of others. They only pick what interests their eyes and their fulfilment. As followers of Jesus, we need to live beyond ourselves. We need to be transformed beyond our selfish ambitions, our limitations, our horizons and start living for the transformation of our societies as we expand the Kingdom of God.

6th – 8th June 2018, Mavuno Church, Hill City, Athi-River

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