Ap Moses Mukisa

Lead Pastor, Worship Harvest

Moses Mukisa

Apostle Moses Mukisa is the founding pastor of Worship Harvest Ministries; an influential church with now fifty six Campuses and over one thousand Missional Communities; that is committed to catalyzing spiritual, social and economic renewal in its immediate communities and as a result the world.

The ministry runs a school; Harvest International School, a capital business; Harvest Finance, a leadership institute; Harvest Institute, among many other initiatives.

Ap Moses is passionate about helping fellow Ministers of the Gospel thrive at church leading and runs a bi-annual program called Pastors Mentorship Program where Senior Pastors are equipped and challenged to grow their churches. In addition to this, the ministry organizes a three day Ministers’ Gathering, Proclaim which is a growth space for ministers as well.

Ap Moses has written eight books; including the award winning Straight Forward Financial Growth, Essential Practices for Healthy Church Finances, Called To Greatness and Commotion at the Gate which have impacted people from all walks of life.

He is a hobby musician who has written more than 40 recorded songs. He plays piano, bass, guitar and drums.

Ap Moses has been married to Pastor Sarah for eighteen years and they have three children; Paula, Angela and Kirk-David.


The Fearless Summit is hosted and convened by Mavuno Church, a non-denominational church whose headquarters is in Nairobi, Kenya. Their mission is turning ordinary people into fearless influencers of society.