What is the 2024 Theme?

This year’s event is themed UNSHAKEABLE: developing an unshakeable faith in a volatile world. The world we live in is entering some very challenging times.  Politically, we live in a divided world full of anger, suspicion, and polarization, economically, the entire global economic system is struggling under the weight of conflicts, wars, inflation and health crises, and religiously, we live in times when suspicion against evangelical Christianity is at an all-time high, making it more challenging to live out biblical values in a hostile world.

Yet in the midst of this all, God invites you and I to develop a faith that is unshakeable – a faith that not only anchors us in life, but allows us to extend God’s kingdom both in the church and the marketplace.

Featuring insightful speakers and rich plenary interviews, prepare to be inspired in your faith, challenged in your thinking, and equipped to become the fearless influencer God created you to be!

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