George Kagwe

Digital Enabler - Bawa Connect

George Kagwe

George Kagwe’s purpose on this earth is to bring a little bit of sunshine to everybody he encounters.

He is a Kenyan actor, entrepreneur and content creator. His experience in technology has seen him grow a love for all things digital, leading him into entrepreneurship as co-founder and Director of 4UP Digital LTD, and currently a Digital enabler at Bawa Connect.

With over 6 years experience in communication via event productions, advertising & communication and digital communication, he and his teams have been able to craft and execute digital content marketing solutions for over 90 clients in vast industries and sectors.

George was able to implement the same digital strategies for himself and as a result, has become one of the leading social media entertainers in the country. Born and bred in Kenya, he lives in Nairobi and can be reached on the following Social Media platforms:
Twitter - @George_Kagwe
FaceBook - @GeorgeKagweTheActor
Instagram - George.Kagwe
Email address -