Dr. Stanley Mukolwe


Dr. Stanley Mukolwe

Dr. Stanley Mukolwe is the founder of RAISING FUTURE PARENTS, an organisation that exists to spread parenting principles all over Africa. Through this organisation, he runs various programs designed to equip parents on how to train, instruct, guide, coach and discipline their children using Biblical principles.

Having been mentored in these areas for more than 10 years, Dr. Mukolwe has in turn ministered to hundreds of thousands of families, with the impact of his ministry being felt across all the continents of the globe.

He is the author of ‘Raising Future Parents’, a parenting guide that has more than 10,000 copies in circulation. He has also co-authored a study guide called “Raising the Next Generation” with one of his mentors John Mahon.

Dr. Mukolwe has been married to his wife, Patience since 1985, and together they run marriage workshops, and facilitate get-away retreats that help people to process their anger and deal with past issues.

A scientist by training, he graduated from Veterinary school in 1984 and got his Masters in Parasitology in 1987, and later earned his Doctorate degree in the same field from Oklahoma State University in 1991. Dr. Mukolwe is also the Director of Family Life Ministry of The Navigators Africa.


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