Dr Oscar Aghan

Founder - Continental Renewable Energy

Dr. Oscar Aghan

Dr. Oscar Aghan is a brilliant and serial entrepreneur, and the founder and chief executive officer at Continental Renewable Energy Co. Ltd (COREC), a Kenyan based company that recycles waste plastic into eco-friendly building material and sells the hardware to developers whose problem is high material cost.

As a social entrepreneur, he has a focus on waste management, equipment fabrication and management consultancy, and is passionate about turning what is waste into clean energy and affordable building hardware.

He founded Corec in 2012 to recycle waste plastic into building hardware (fencing posts, roofing tiles, manhole covers, and pavement blocks) and has since recycled more than 1000 tonnes of plastic waste, generated over $150,000 in revenue, prevented 700 tons of waste from landfills and made 26,000 posts and over 10,000 roofing tiles in 2 years of operations.

Oscar holds a MSc in Public Health and Project Management, an MBA in Certified Master Project Management and in Certified Professional Financial Management. His business, COREC holds a patent and a registered trade mark. He is the winner of the Sankalp Africa Award 2014, and is listed by Kenya’s Ministry of Housing as an appropriate technology material supplier.

Dr. Aghan has over 20 years of experience in corporate management - a certified project management professional with a Ph.D. in Management and an M.Sc. in Public Health, and previously served as the Deputy General Manager at the National Housing Corporation.