Pst. Bertice Kado

Youth Pastor, Mavuno Young and Fearless- Mavuno HillCity

Pst. Bertice Kado

Pastor Bertice Kado, or as she is popularly known, Pastor Berto, is a vibrant youth leader with a deep-seated passion for empowering young people.

Her journey into youth ministry began at Summit Pacific College, where she completed a Post-graduate Certificate in Youth Ministry. This formal education, combined with her extensive hands-on experience, equips her with the tools and insights necessary to connect with and guide young hearts and minds.

She is currently a bi-vocational youth pastor at Mavuno Church, specifically serving as the lead youth pastor of the Mavuno Young and Fearless (MYF) ministry at Mavuno HillCity Campus.

Beyond her pastoral role, Berto devotes her full-time efforts to the Association of Evangelicals in Africa, where she serves as the Executive Secretary to the Secretary General, contributing to the organisation's mission to spread the teachings of Christianity across Africa and to nurture the continent into ‘The Africa that God wants’.

Pastor Berto is pursuing a Master's degree in Theology.


The Fearless Summit is hosted and convened by Mavuno Church, a non-denominational church whose headquarters is in Nairobi, Kenya. Their mission is turning ordinary people into fearless influencers of society.