Welcome to the Fearless Summit!

Muriithi Wanjau
Founder and Lead Visionary,
Fearless Summit.

Karibu (welcome) to Fearless Summit 2024! We are so excited to receive you at our unique annual gathering of church and marketplace leaders who are passionate about bringing much needed godly change to every sector of society. This year marks our 15th edition of the summit, and we are ready to give you a breath-taking summit. Are you ready?


This year’s edition will run from Thursday 4th to Saturday 6th of July 2023, and will be hosted at Hill City, the Mavuno Church headquarters in Athi River, Kenya. We will be hosting delegates from all over the world which will provide you with a great opportunity to network with other global influencers of sectors, cities and churches.


The Summit will feature a combination of insightful speakers and rich plenary interviews from fearless Jesus followers who will challenge your faith and help you see how church and marketplace leaders can activate global impact and transformation as we follow the King of Kings.


We’ll start every morning session with 6 -7am corporate prayer time which we want to invite you to. One thing we have been learning is the power of praying in agreement as a community, and we are trusting that we will experience God’s presence and power in unusual ways as we start our days with prayer. And as usual, at the Fearless Village, we have numerous entrepreneurs who will be displaying and selling their products and services. Please make a point to pass by each of the stalls, both to learn from them and to support the business owners!


I encourage you to lean into every aspect of the summit by putting aside all distractions and open up your spiritual eyes and ears. Position yourself to hear from God and to align to His assignment for your life. As the prophet Zechariah wrote thousands of years ago, ‘behold your King is coming to YOU!’ (Zechariah 9:9). I pray that at this year’s summit, you will have an encounter with the King of kings, and that you will discover exciting truths about your royal lineage as you learn how to follow Him. And I pray that He will position you to excel in your leadership – both in church and in the marketplace, not for personal gain but for the glory of Christ as we spread the aroma of His goodness to our generation.


From me and from the countless volunteers who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make this possible, I heartily welcome you to Fearless Summit 2024!


Muriithi Wanjau,

Founder and Lead Visionary,

Fearless Summit.


  • 1
    Chapter Fifteen

    2024 marks the 15th edition of the annual Fearless Summit

  • 2
    Nineteen Years

    Mavuno Church, the Summit host and convener, celebrates it's 19th anniversary in 2024.

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    Let's Spread Hope

    All proceeds from the 2023 Fearless Summit go towards caring for the most vulnerable amongst us during this global pandemic.


The Fearless Summit is hosted and convened by Mavuno Church, a non-denominational church whose headquarters is in Nairobi, Kenya. Their mission is turning ordinary people into fearless influencers of society.