2020 Fearless Summit

13 – 19 JULY 2020


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Dr. Bitange Ndemo

Prashan DeVisser

Dr. Mshai Mwangola

Aaron Graham

Daniel 'Churchill' Ndambuki

Deborah Kimathi

Dr. Oscar Aghan

Tolu Adelowo

Heinz Oldewage

Richard Njau

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Our summit program

The 2020 Summit runs Monday 20th to Sunday 26th July. See the program, see the program and learn about the speakers and sessions in store. Note that all times are 'EAT' (GMT+3) and each session will be displayed at least twice, to allow for those in different time zones to join in.

Join us for the opening ceremony of the 2020 Fearless Summit.

Muriithi Wanjau
Lead Visionary - Fearless Summit

What does it mean for you and I to 'Be the Spark' in our world?

Join the lead visionary of the Fearless Summit, Pst Muriithi Wanjau, as he lays the groundwork for the 2020 Fearless Summit.

Join us this, and every weekday morning throughout the duration of the 2020 Fearless Summit for a time of prayer and waiting on God together.

Prayer session led by Pastor Antony Njoroge, Executive pastor at Mavuno Church responsible for new initiatives.

Join a panel of church and digital experts from around the world as they have the conversation regarding what the church will and needs to look like in the new normal.

Session features:
- Heinz Oldewage (Africa & Middle East Director of CV (formerly Christian Vision)
- Cathi Workman (Pastor of Communications at Mariners Church, California)
- Richard Njau (Content creator and one of Kenya's foremost digital enablers)

Hosted by - David Kuria (Team Lead at Communications Consultancy, A Thousand Watts)

What does the future of the African Church look like?

Join a panel of church leaders from around Africa as they engage in conversation regarding what the future of the African Church will be.

Session features:
- Pastor Godman Akinlabi (Senior Pastor - Elevations Church, Nigeria)
- Pastor Moses Mukisa (Senior Pastor - Worship Harvest, Uganda)
- Pastor Muriithi Wanjau (Senior Pastor - Mavuno Church, Kenya)

Eric Geiger
Senior Pastor - Mariners Church

In times of uncertainty people look to leadership the most. But what does it mean to be a leader, and to be a good one at that, when everything around you seems to be unstable and unpredictable.

Join Eric Geiger, the lead pastor at Mariners Church in Irvine California, and the former senior vice-president of Lifeway Christian as he engages around this topic.

Join us this, and every weekday morning of the 2020 Fearless Summit for a time of collective prayer and waiting on God together.

Prayer session led by Pastor Milton Jumba, Executive pastor at Mavuno Church responsible for City Impact.

Anthony Mwaniki

Businesses have been severely tested through the current pandemic. What does it mean to build the kind of business that will last through tough times?

Join a panel of business people who will share not just business theory, but also share from their own unique experiences and perspectives what it means to develop resilience.

Session features:
- Yvonne Nkatha - Founder of Gambino Bottling Ltd
- Stephen Kiptiness - Chair - Centre for Competition Law
- Sumeet Walia - Founder of Ultra Ltd

And your host, Anthony Mwaniki, renown entrepreneur, project & real estate development manager

Amani Maranga

In the digital age, businesses are forced to change how they think, how they interact with customers, partners, and suppliers, and how their business works on the inside.

Join a team of business and technological experts as they have this important conversation.

Session features:
- Joram Mwinamo - CEO of the SNDBX, the world’s first one-stop-shop entrepreneurs' Centre
- Tolu Adelowo - Founder and Chief Executive of Cousant, a Lagos-based technology company
- Richard Njau - Content creator and one of Kenya's foremost digital enablers

And your host, Amani Maranga - founder of communications company Three Sixty Degrees

Dr. Bitange Ndemo
Former PS, Ministry of Information

In these uncertain times, businesses and workplaces across the board have had to rethink their short-term and long-term strategies to cope with the new realities. Questions regarding the future of work and what will drive workplace dynamics now need to be addressed with more urgency than ever.

The session features:
- Dr Bitange Ndemo - ICT Champion, Renown Academician and former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Communication
- Sam Gichuru - Founder & CEO of Nailab, one of Africa’s leading business incubators

And your host, Pastor Muriithi Wanjau

Pst Angie Kimaru

Join us this, and every weekday morning of the 2020 Fearless Summit for a time of collective prayer and waiting on God together.

Prayer session led by Pastor Angie Kimaru, Executive pastor at Mavuno Church responsible for Discipleship.

Carol Wanjau
Pastor & Family therapist

Statistics the world over paint a grim picture of what is going in our families. From divorce and domestic violence, to financial challenges and lack of social support, are we headed towards a full-blown crisis in our families?

What should we be doing and thinking about in order to allow our families to thrive?

Session features:
- Dr. Kyama Mugambi - Editorial Manager at African Theological Network Press
- Rev. David Ewagata - Director of YHub NetworX- a first of its kind, one-stop Youth Ministry and Resource Center

And your host, Pastor Carol Wanjau - family and marriage therapist and author of ‘Ndoa: Investing In The Marriage Of Your Dreams’, ‘Simama: Overcoming Family Strongholds’, ‘Couples And Money’, and ‘Real Talk’, a teens devotional guide.

Dr. Kyama Mugambi
Editorial Manager at African Theological Network Press

As the world rapidly evolves, how should the education sector need to prepare our people to be problem-solvers. And how should the education sector build resilience and relevance beyond response to the crisis.

Session features:
- Prof. Mwenda Ntarangwi - CEO of the Commission of University Education
- Deborah Kimathi - Executive Director of Dignitas, an education development organisation
- Sophia Mbevi - Director, Almasi International School

And your host, Dr. Kyama Mugambi

Carol Wanjau
Pastor and family and marriage therapist

Thriving Families

Session includes:
- Nancy Houston - Pastor at Gateway Church, Texas
- Dr. Gladys Mwiti - Consulting Clinical Psychologist, Founder and CEO, Oasis Africa Center for Transformational Psychology & Trauma

And your host, Carol Wanjau, pastor and family and marriage therapist

Pst Antony Njoroge

Join us this, and every weekday morning of the 2020 Fearless Summit for a time of collective prayer and waiting on God together.

Prayer session led by Pastor Antony Njoroge, Executive pastor at Mavuno Church responsible for New Inititatives.

Dr. Oscar Aghan
Founder - Continental Renewable Energy

Join Dr. Oscar Aghan, one of Kenya's foremost inventors, social entrepreneurs and waste management experts as he helps us not only understand the environmental crisis we are facing, but how we can begin to transform waste into sources of income and livelihoods for thousands.

Hosted by Pastor Muriithi Wanjau.

Dr. Mshai Mangola
Chairperson of the Uraia Trust

The world has recently experienced a growing global movement, calling for justice for people of color who have felt disenfranchised. Why has this movement exploded across the world, and why has it found such resonance with so many communities?
And how should the church respond and participate in this movement?

Session features:
- Dr. Mshai Mwangola - Performance scholar and chair of the Board of Uraia Trust; the biggest non-state facilitator of civic education in Kenya
- Lily Bekele-Piper - Ethiopian-American host of up/root podcast, and Senior Communications Strategist - World Bank
- Joanne Kobuthi-Kuria - Communications and Membership Manager at Amnesty International Kenya

Andy your host, Dr. Kyama Mugambi

Prashan Devisser
Founder and President of Global Unites

Join Prashan Devisser, founder and president of Global Unites, a movement that inspires — connects and equips a new generation peacemakers in over 10 nations.

Stories & Songs with Kanjii Mbugua

George Kagwe
Content creator and digital enabler

The past few years have experienced exponential growth in the number of people entering the content creation space. From bloggers and vloggers, to podcasters and film-makers, content really does seem to be king. But what does it take to enter that space, and why must kingdom people engage there?

Session features:
- George Kagwe - renown vlogger and digital enabler at Bawa Connect
- John 'JJ' Jumbi - screenplay writer and film-maker at Chatterbox
- Wanjiru Njiru - Famed lifestyle vlogger
- Amani Maranga - Award-winning podcaster at 'Living Truthfully'

Daniel 'Churchill' Ndambuki
Kenya's father of comedy

The creative sector the world over has seen a huge surge of young men and women trying to cut their teeth in areas of performance and entertainment.

Join the father of Kenyan comedy, Daniel 'Churchill' Ndambuki as he not only shares his own personal journey, but also talks about what it takes to raise and mentor creatives.

Hosted by Pastor Muriithi Wanjau.

Aaron Graham
Senior Pastor - District Church

We close out the Fearless Summit week with an extended time of praise & worship, featuring award-winning musical powerhouses Mercy Masika, Eunice Njeri, Laura Karwirwa and Rigga.

Also join us for a rousing word from Pastor Aaron Graham - senior pastor of District Church in Washington DC.

as we close out the 2020 Fearless Summit.

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